Are you on a holiday trip to Korat, Nakhonratchasima or Nkhon Ratchasima? The Khorat or  Nakhonratchasima is a large province on the northeastern plateau that boasts of a rich Khmer culture, heritage and beautiful nature. This wonderful tourist destination of Thailand is a serene place where you will find a plenty of gentle people, colorful markets, spectacular temples, beautiful museums and monuments. The Korat or Nakhonratchasima has many interesting places to visit that will help you know more about its great culture and heritage.

Do you want to explore the Nakhonratchasima city in a convenient way? Then opting for a reliable car rental in Korat or Nakhonratchasima will prove to be most economical and comfortable way of exploring the fascinating places. You will be able to get the most out of your car hire in  Nakhonratchasima by conveniently traveling to the top rated tourist destinations such as:

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1. Phimai Historical Park:

The Phimai Historical Park is located at the Tambol Nai Muang, Phimai District that is 60 km away from the northeast of the city. The Phimai Sanctuary or temple is considered to be one of the most impressive Khmer ruins in Thailand. The Sanctuary is 565 meters wide, 1,030 meters long and rectangular in shape, which consists of ornately carved sandstone and laterite structures. The stunning stone inscriptions and architectural style will leave you impressed. This historical park is placed on UNESCO’s tentative future listing as one of the best World Heritage Site. To reach the Phimai, you will find it convenient by considering a reliable car rental. This park is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

2. Khao Yai National Park:

The Khao Yai National Park is 168 sq km long that has five forest types and proves to be cool and lush. The Khao Yai National Park is the primary residence of shy tigers, noisy gibbons, elephants and colorful tropical birds. Having a good population of large flocks of hornbills and several migratory birds, the Khao Yai is also known as the major birding destination. In this park, you will find 12 well maintained trails (crisscrossing) in the entire park, which will bring closer to the nature.

3. Ya Mo Monument:

You can make a stop at the Ya Mo Monument that is located in the heart of Korat city. The Ya Mo (“Grandma Mo”) monument is to honor the brave lady (the wife of a local assistant governor in 1826). This legend of her heroism will prove to be worth to pay a visit. In this place, Korat’s Chinese New Year festivities take place every year.

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